Customer Testimonials

Find out what our customers have to say about European Bedding! All are honest and real reviews received from Google reviews, Facebook and emails.
Zhaocong Wu
几个月之前因为刚刚搬了新家,需要购买合适的床垫。没有花费太多的时间,我便在互联网上找到了European Bedding。当时的第一印象就是,床垫的价格超出了我们预算。但是我跟太太还是决定去他们的Show Room看一下。

之后我们便在店里见到了Mr Thijs。 Thijs非常友善,也很风趣。他向我们介绍了店里不同类型的床垫。在询问了我们平时的睡姿,睡眠习惯后,他根据我们的体型推荐了适合我们的款式跟软硬度的床垫。之后还耐心地解答了我跟太太的各种问题。

当天我跟太太就决定买European Bedding的床垫。虽然超出我们的预算,但是相对于新加坡市面上同等规格产品,这个价格是公道合理的。但是最重要的是,躺上去的那一刻,真的非常舒适,这也让我们决定买它的重要因素。

尽管European Bedding提供100天的试用期(如果不满意,可以无条件退货),我想很少会有人可以拒绝这么舒服的床垫。用了European Bedding的床垫已经几个月了,每次躺在床上,依然会庆幸当初选择了他们家的产品。甚至当我们出国的时候,晚上睡觉时会想念新加坡家里床垫。

European Bedding的另外一个做的非常好的方面就是他们的售后服务。当我有问题或需要帮忙的时候,只需要简单的给Thijs发一个信息,他就会很快并且耐心地解答或解决客户的问题。

European Bedding, 很值得推荐👍
Christine Lee
As parents, the health of our kids always comes first. As we were looking for new mattresses, we have done considerable research on what’s best for our children’s health but could not come to any conclusion due to the vast information on the internet. Luckily, we came to know European Bedding through a friend. Without any doubt, we decided to goto their showroom to learn more about their organic latex mattress and try on the real thing.

The whole experience of shopping, delivery and after sales service was impressive and impeccably seamless. We tried on different firmness of mattresses, and the staffs were able to give us professional and valuable advice and guided us to choose the perfect mattress for us. We purchased a total of 4 mattresses for our daughters and ourselves. All of us are happy and are able to sleep extremely comfortably on our new mattresses and beds. An extra bonus is their modern and stylish bed frames. We are so glad that we have found European bedding. I would recommend it to anyone without reservation.
Grace & Arthur
I've had an Asian queen-size mattress for the past 6 years, and it's served me well. However, my partner Arthur moved in last year, and with him being 2m tall, his legs were dangling off my 190cm mattress! Sleeping on this mattress made his back progressively worse, and he's also a pilot, which puts even more stress on his back.

We started looking for a mattress that was over 200cm in length, and I began researching for custom-made mattresses, when European Bedding poped up on the internet. I contacted the general manager, Thijs, and he was so informative before we even visited the store in Tiong Bahru. He was never pushy and even encouraged us to try out another brand we had in mind.

We purchased a California King-size firm-density Heveya natural organic mattress, which is 213cm in length. This was the key factor in our purchase, as it had to be the right fit for Arthur. Rather than opting for a custom-made mattress, we decided to go with the California king as it was easier to get sheets for; also, we're going to be moving soon, and it will fit the new space better. It currently fits our bedroom perfectly, so we have no doubt it will look great in our new home, with more space.

From the first time we stepped into European Bedding's boutique store, we had good vibes about it. The team know the products well, and they offer a 100-day trial, which really sealed the deal for us. Buying a mattress is really a matter of sleeping on it for a longer period to truly know if it suits each individual.
Jonathan Seow
Great product, even better service. Highly highly recommended. Great job Thjis and team!

My fiancee and I were furnishing up our first house together and were shopping for a mattress. We visited all the big brands and tried multiple mattresses but this was by far the best one yet. Staff (Thjis) was highly knowledgable about product specifications, highly accommodating and not pushy. Was also very understanding to our needs and made good suggestions throughout.

After sales service was equally top class. They allowed us to hold on to delivery (at no extra cost) even after delays due to our renovation. Installation and delivery was punctual and smooth.

Good job! Highly recommended!
Ernest Sim
Among all the vendors we've dealt with in the process of our wedding and house hunting/decorating, European Bedding provided us our best experience, by far! Customer service was absolutely top class by Thijs and his team. My wife and I really enjoyed our experience of mattress shopping at EB - we first went to EB, then to other places, but could not move past how knowledgeable Thijs was of the products, and how welcome and comfortable he made us feel at the EB showroom. So of course, we went back to the EB showroom a second time and made our purchase.

Of course, the Heveya mattress we eventually purchased was excellent; coming from my old pocketed spring mattress, this was sleep quality in a different league. My wife and I love the mattress, and have better sleep than ever before.
Troy Norkett
Top quality mattress, frame and service!

We tried EB purely based on their rating on google when looking for a new mattress. Needless to say I'm very glad we did as the team were really friendly and helpful throughout the process and we are extremely happy with the new frame and mattress we have. They don't sell cheap, but they do sell quality. With mattresses you very much get what you pay for and the natural latex mattresses are top notch. Super comfortable and breathable.

The 100 day trial is also great to help ensure we get the best firmness of mattress for both my wife and I. Even if those are different on each side.

I would recommend anyone looking for a great nights sleep to visit EB.
Glen Elford
From the start Thijs and his team provided a stellar customer service experience. From testing the beds, to placing the order, taking delivery and then follow up I cant fault them. The mattress is of high quality and exceptionally comfy, best nights sleep we have had in a long time! Even when I had to make changes to one side of the mattress they were accommodating, and dealt with this speedily. Big shout out to the delivery team who are very efficient and professional, taking great care when moving around and keeping everything clean.

Quality product and service! Highly recommend!
Alexsander Perez
We are thoroughly enjoying our beds. You may recall, Alex has a firm one and I have a medium one. My daughter decided that she wants to bunk in with me leaving me with very little space and that was when we decided that we are getting another medium one! So right now (many would disapprove of our sleeping arrangements ?? ), we have three single beds with two mediums made into a king and my husband's firm side next to my side. We have a huge wall to wall bed, plenty of space for everyone to roll around!

Initially I was unsure if the medium suited me. So I slept on Alex's firm side and I woke up with a bad back. He however loves his firm mattress. And Safiyyah and I share lots of cuddles in our medium king bed. ??

Our beds are exactly what we were looking for and I'm glad we came in for the appointment with you. Thank you for taking all the time to explain to us about all the different mattresses and also letting us try the mattresses. The showroom is an awesome concept and never once you hurried us or even pressured us to make a purchase.

The mattress are not cheap but I would say the prices are quite comparable to other high end brands without all the commercial fuss. What makes it stand out are the 7 zones on the mattress and the adjustable slats and of course it's organic. ?? the price is totally worth it.

The delivery team was also very good. They used hand sanitiser before handling our mattress, called us in advance to let us know they are coming.

Overall, we are very happy with our purchase and I am happy to be contacted for any testimonial. Enjoy the holidays!
Oswald & Valerie Song
We have been looking for a mattress for our new home and we did some research through internet, we realised that for long term, latex mattress is actually what we are searching for and worth our investment.

Thijs was there with us and explain to us each of the individual mattress goodness at their showroom at Tiong Bahru. We even tried out their different firmness levels of mattress. Due to our needs are different, we managed to have customised firmness level of our mattress. With their premium adjustable slatted bed base, due to its flexibility, it was able to give us our back the proper support it needs, in harmony with our latex mattress.

Delivery guy is very careful and efficient when they carry out installation, Thijs on the other hand, provided us very good after sales service. If anyone would have to ask us about the mattress, with no budget constraints, we will definitely ask them to try latex mattress.
Cristina Olivan
My son has been having neck and shoulder ache in the past months and I figured that the problem might come from the pillows and mattress. I remembered that I saw a European Bedding advertisement in Expat Living last year and decided to give them a try. First we bought the latex pillow and my son liked it. So I bought an EB back care mattress for him. The mattress looks good and comfortable. The best thing is that it gives proper support so that my son's shoulder and neck pain were reduced. Whenever I was redecorating my second son's bedroom, it led me back to European Bedding where I purchased another European Single size.

European Bedding services have been excellent and accommodating every time. Compared to the showrooms in the malls, European Bedding's showroom is nice, cozy and private. I like how personal the sales service is. By making an appointment, the salesperson will really be there with you when selecting the right mattress. The delivery service is very discrete and clean.

I would definitely buy from them again and recommend them to my friends. I think I might stop by next month to buy some more pillows!